CMO. Creative Director. Designer.

...and maker of awesomeness.

My Philosophy

With over 15 years in the design and marketing industry, I believe in keeping designs simple, messaging clear, and colors bright. Pushing the envelope, solving problems creatively, and leading dynamic teams is what I do best.


  • UX Design and Web Development Management

    Keeping on top of web development trends and best practices, I've designed dozens of responsive, robust websites and manage complex development timelines and teams.

  • Branding and Design

    With a Bachelor of Science in Design, I build sustainable and holistic brands that are rooted with excellent design.

  • Creative Direction

    With over 6 years experience in managing creative teams and projects, I walk the line between exceptional design and staying true to brand values and budgets.

  • Communications Direction

    Managing and shaping internal and external communications for corporate subsidiaries including public relations, media strategies, and government relations.

Featured in "Inspire: A Documentary About Creativity"

“Creative work is some of the most challenging and yet uniquely satisfying work there is. We ask creatives working in a smorgasbord of industries how they define success, what secrets have they found along the way, and what continues to inspire them? But most importantly through their inventions, creations and art, do they inspire others? Inspire is a documentary that talks about the creative industry by talking to those in it.” – A NaissanceTV Film

Great Brands. Great Clients.